It’s a Sad Day for Mayberry

Andy Griffith
, star of stage and screen and  TV passed away today July 3rd at the age of 86.

I wanted to write something about him. As a young kid, I was very fond of the Andy Griffith Show, being aired here in Australia, I loved the antics of Don Knotts and A

Andy Griffith

ndy Griffith’s straight man to Knotts comedic genius     I also loved  the Gomer Pyle Character  who later had a successful TV spinoff show Gomer Pyle USMC.

Ron Howard, a legend now in his own right and  the Character ‘Opie’ on the show tweeted:
“Andy Griffith His pursuit of excellence and the joy he took in creating served generations & shaped my life I’m forever grateful RIP Andy.”


A really in depth article can be found  at   I just wanted to pay tribute to this man who was part of my childhood memories. All things pass away but he will live in my memories for as long as I have them.