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Political football as consumers face hefty carbon tax price hikes

Joe Hockey -  Joe Hockey Photo: Ken Irwin KEN

Joe Hockey Photo: Ken Irwin KEN

OK so the next argument in the ongoing carbon tax fight. (no longer a debate guys – the tax is now into law) is that we are paying GST on the tax element of the carbon tax added to our energy bills. Apparently the coalition have complained about this today. I do not like the carbon tax and I do not like the current government’s handling of economic matters. I can’t wait till they get voted out but really!! – what a weak way to make a headline.

Paying GST on the total of any bill is the way that GST works. It has been like that since the GST came in in 2000. The liberal Government under John Howard is the mob that brought in the GST in the first place so you would think Joe Hockey the Shadow Treasurer and a member of the party that devised the tax in the first place would understand this.

Mr Hockey stated “the “taxes on taxes” scenario revisited the pre-GST era of hidden wholesale sales taxes and would make the economy inefficient. ”

I guess the focus of this post is not really about Joe Hockey or the carbon tax or even the GST . It is about the stupidity rampant across the whole of Australian politics at the moment. The most frightening issue facing voters leading up to next years election will not be the carbon tax, asylum seekers or Gonski reforms. The scariest issue facing voters hands down is that the vast majority of politicians looking to lead us into the next decade and beyond are fools compared to those that served us in the last three decades.
Even if you loathed John Howard, Costello, Paul Keating or even Bob Hawk, you can’t deny that these men had vision , passion , drive and the brains to back it up. A bit of new blood on both sides of parliament would be welcome.

Firewalls and Double Speak in Victoria Election Leadup

Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews said Melbourne people were smart and would separate state
and federal issues. Photo: Craig Abraham

“THE Victorian Labor Leader, Daniel Andrews, has sought to firewall Julia Gillard from a looming Greens victory in next week’s Melbourne state by-election” …
“Mr Andrews said lots of people were trying to find a reason to look at the byelection through the prism of Ms Gillard’s leadership. ”It’s not a fair analysis in this case,” he said.
Melbourne people were smart and would separate state and federal issues.”

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Mr Andrews makes this claim but how true is it?? In the past what I have observed is that when a federal Government changes parties, It is preceded by a gradual change to the same party by the states. When a federal government comes in the states gradually reverse. We saw that happen with the Howard Government. and now under the Gillard circus we see the same thing occurring again (in reverse)

How easy though has it been for voters to become disillusioned under the current federal government regime! First the axing of the elected PM by the unelected back room thugs a.k.a. Caucus. A rampant almost frenzied approach to getting the budget back into surplus, no doubt so the current crop of politicians can boast that they are superb management geniuses, ensuring fabulous jobs in the private sector when they are finished destroying the Aussie way of life.

I was speaking to someone the other day who has been a staunch labour voter for over 30 years, he has decided to not vote for Labor again.

Everywhere you go no matter which social or economic bracket everyone is unhappy. Our biggest problem, the cost of energy has been made worse by the carbon tax hike. Small business struggling these past few years are in worse shape now and so many of them are going out of business. Our Julia and her crew can sleep without worry of the bills piling up. The politician have given themselves 2 massive pay rises over the past year.

One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces

Ben Folds- One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces Live at Bonnaroo 2008

This week in Google (Twig) – check it out

I love This week in Google. I have been a loyal listener (itunes podcast) since episode 1  It is a great source of information about cloud computing

It’s a Sad Day for Mayberry

Andy Griffith
, star of stage and screen and  TV passed away today July 3rd at the age of 86.

I wanted to write something about him. As a young kid, I was very fond of the Andy Griffith Show, being aired here in Australia, I loved the antics of Don Knotts and A

Andy Griffith

ndy Griffith’s straight man to Knotts comedic genius     I also loved  the Gomer Pyle Character  who later had a successful TV spinoff show Gomer Pyle USMC.

Ron Howard, a legend now in his own right and  the Character ‘Opie’ on the show tweeted:
“Andy Griffith His pursuit of excellence and the joy he took in creating served generations & shaped my life I’m forever grateful RIP Andy.”


A really in depth article can be found  at   I just wanted to pay tribute to this man who was part of my childhood memories. All things pass away but he will live in my memories for as long as I have them.